Old Country Rd, Westbury, NY 11590

11:00 am - 3:00 am

CANZ Bar & Grill

CANZ is the hottest Sports Bar and Grill in Long Island, NYC. Whether you’re looking to have a drink at the bar or something delicious to eat, you are guaranteed to feel welcome.


Discover Canz

Long Island’s Best Sports Bar

Are you looking to surrender to reality for a bit and focus on yourself with the people who matter most? Not only are we the most popular sports bar and grill in Long Island, but our menu offers such a variety that you can create over 2000 distinct combinations every time you visit.

As you engage in that activity, take delight in the sight of 48 strategically positioned 4K televisions. Additionally, a 7.1 Surround System ensures you don’t miss any sound detail. For sports enthusiasts, this is a reason to celebrate, as you’ll have a comprehensive view of your beloved teams from any seat in the house.


Customer reviews

This classic pub is a great place to catch a game for some solidly priced drinks. Lots of TVs, great food, friendly neighborhood service – what more can you ask for?

Nick Simmons

Mariah, New York

Canz is a sports bar with so much more than just sports! Come sporting your best, and enjoy great cocktails, frozens, board games, pitcher deals, and more.

Maria Livingston

John C, Midtown

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