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Beer Reviews: Bitter & Twisted Ale

In the ever-expanding universe of craft beers, where brewers dare to venture into uncharted territories of flavors and brewing techniques, there emerges a beer that encapsulates the essence of innovation while paying homage to the tradition—Bitter & Twisted Ale. This beer, with its intriguing name and complex flavor profile, invites beer enthusiasts on a journey of taste that defies the ordinary. Through this review, we’ll explore the depths of Bitter & Twisted Ale, from its unique characteristics to the craftsmanship behind the brew, offering insights into what makes this beer a standout choice for those seeking something genuinely distinctive in their glass.

Bitter & Twisted Ale is the brainchild of a brewery that prides itself on blending art and science to create beers that are not only enjoyable but also memorable.

The brewery, nestled in the heart of a region known for its vibrant craft beer scene, has always aimed to push the boundaries of traditional brewing. With Bitter & Twisted Ale, they sought to craft a beer that could offer a complex flavor profile, balancing bitterness with an unexpected twist of zest and spice. This beer is their testament to the idea that bitterness, often shunned or misunderstood, can be the foundation of a profoundly satisfying drinking experience when approached with creativity and care.

My Review of This Golden Bitter Ale from Harviestoun Brewing

When it comes to writing beer reviews, one can occasionally stumble across important lessons. I learned such a lesson this week when I second-guessed myself while reviewing Bitter & Twisted Ale. You see, after taking my notes, I researched the article and learned almost every review I read gave this beer a significantly higher rating than I did. I began to seriously doubt my notes. After careful contemplation, I decided it was best to trust my judgment. After all, not everyone’s judgment is going to be completely in line with mine.

Harviestoun Brewing was opened by former Ford employee Ken Brooker in 1984. Harviestoun is owned by Caledonian Brewery out of Edinburgh, adding their resources to Harviestoun’s ability to produce and market their beer.

Today, Bitter & Twisted is an English blonde ale designed as a session beer. The nice thing about session beer is it tends to be lighter in body, flavor, and alcohol than other offerings. Session beers are a nice thing to have in your repertoire, so you can have more than one or two without giving up your ability to drink responsibly.

As I pour Bitter & Twisted into the glass, a brilliant pale yellow ale comes out. Light carbonation supports a dense, white head with good carbonation. Aroma starts out with notes of lemon drops which moves smoothly into the grassy aroma of hops with hints of peppercorn. Malt presents itself in the center with the aromas of biscuits or soda crackers. All in all, the aromas are very delicate, stopping shy of outright simplicity.

Bitter & Twisted isn’t as bitter as I was expecting. This medium bodied ale starts out with a faintly lemony juiciness. Bitter & Twisted’s flavor lacks the maltiness I detected in the aroma and jumps straight for a mild bitterness. Bitterness moves into a dry, palate cleansing finish. Overall, Bitter & Twisted is fairly decent, if uncomplicated. Despite its straightforward profile, Bitter & Twisted is an enjoyable, refreshing pale ale.

When all is said and done, Bitter & Twisted comes in a solid 7.45 out of 10.

Bitter & Twisted ale is one of the few British imports I would recommend to just about anyone. Women who aren’t traditional beer drinkers will enjoy its flavor, spritzes, and not over-assertive bitterness. Mainstream beer drinkers will enjoy it for similar reasons. Even veteran beer enthusiasts should enjoy Bitter & Twisted because it shares an overall profile similar to many American microbrews.

John Crafton

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John Crafton

John Crafton, a seasoned beer reviewer with a decade's experience, is celebrated for his refined taste and extensive knowledge of brewing. His passion for craft beer has led him across the globe, tasting and reviewing a diverse array of brews. John's writing simplifies the complex beer world, catering to both newcomers and connoisseurs.