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Best Lobster Roll in Long Island

Long Island is a haven for seafood enthusiasts with its picturesque beaches and maritime heritage. The lobster roll stands out as a beloved staple among the many seafood delicacies. Whether you prefer the creamy New England style or the butter-drizzled Connecticut style, Long Island’s eateries have covered you.

Each Lobster Roll in Long Island has its unique charm, be it the ambiance, the recipe, or the sizeable lobster chunks. Some have earned accolades, and others have been graced by the presence of celebrities, adding to their allure.



With locations in Orient and Montauk, Duryea’s provides an unparalleled experience of savoring Maine-style lobster rolls while gazing upon the breathtaking Long Island Sound. Complement your meal with a touch of rosé to elevate the entire experience.

Butler’s Flat Clam Shack

Butler's Flat Clam Shack

Located in Port Washington, this eatery offers a serene waterfront seating ambiance. Their lobster rolls are the epitome of freshness, and the establishment’s commitment to local produce ensures an authentic taste with every bite. Keep in mind that they are seasonal, operating from May to October.

Lobster Roll (aka Lunch)

Lobster Roll (aka Lunch)

As the name suggests, their specialty lies in crafting exceptional lobster rolls. With outlets in Amagansett and Southampton, they offer Connecticut-style rolls. For those leaning towards variety, they present options like the lobster salad bowl and the lobster salad slider.

Bay Vue

Located in Babylon, Bay Vue provides a tantalizing lobster roll and boasts a rooftop lounge that overlooks the picturesque Great South Bay. Their lobster roll consists of a meticulous blend of lobster, tomatoes, celery, and mayo. Pair it with their signature “Bay Vue Sunrise” cocktail for a refreshing summer treat.

Claudio’s Greenport

A landmark in its own right, Claudio’s in Greenport has a legacy spanning 150 years. Operating four distinct restaurants within one complex, they cater to patrons arriving by various means, ensuring their lobster rolls remain a consistent highlight. The buttery toasted buns, complemented by fresh lobster meat, are available in hot and cold versions.

What Makes a Lobster Roll Truly Great?

Quality of the Lobster

The heart and soul of a lobster roll is, unsurprisingly, the lobster itself. The freshness of this crustacean can make or break the dish. For instance, consider two lobster rolls: one made from lobsters just off the boat and another from a batch that’s been refrigerated for days. The difference in flavor, texture, and juiciness is palpable.

Lobsters come in varieties, with the most common being hard and soft-shell. Hard-shells are meatier but require some effort to crack open, while soft-shells are easier to manage but may offer less meat. The best restaurants strike a balance to ensure that the lobster in your roll is fresh, abundant, and succulent.

The Bread

A great lobster demands an equally great vessel. The traditional choice is the New England-style top-split bun. Picture a hot dog bun, but with flat sides that can be buttered up and toasted to perfection. When toasted just right, these buns offer a crispy exterior that contrasts beautifully with the soft, juicy lobster filling.

Dressing and Extras

While purists might argue in favor of letting the lobster shine without distractions, others enjoy the creamy touch of mayo. The key?

Too much mayo can overpower the natural flavors. Beyond mayo, herbs like chives or parsley can add a refreshing note. Some places might sprinkle in a dash of celery for a slight crunch. Whether you’re a minimalist or prefer a little extra, it’s all about achieving that harmonious blend of flavors.

Tips for Enjoying Lobster Rolls in Long Island

Summer and early fall are the best times to enjoy lobster rolls in Long Island. And while you’re there, take advantage of other local delicacies like clams and oysters.

One of the joys of having a lobster roll in Long Island is the freshness of the seafood. Always choose places known for sourcing their lobster locally, ensuring you get the freshest and most flavorful experience.

While the classic Maine-style lobster roll (cold with mayo) and the Connecticut-style (warm with butter) are popular, feel free to try variations. Some restaurants in Long Island offer unique twists, adding ingredients like celery, chives, or spices.

Long Island is known for its scenic beauty. Choose a place that offers outdoor seating with a view, whether it’s by the water or in a vibrant town setting. The ambiance can make your lobster roll even more enjoyable.

The Rich Tapestry of Culinary Delights in Long Island

With its sprawling coastlines and rich maritime history, Long Island is a melting pot of diverse culinary influences. The region’s geographical advantages ensure an abundant supply of fresh seafood. At the same time, its demographic mosaic brings an array of flavors and techniques.

Long Island’s culinary scene tells tales of traditions, migrations, and innovations, from the classic clam chowder to the innovative seafood platters. It’s a gastronomic playground where time-tested recipes meet contemporary twists, offering something for every palate.

In the grand culinary narrative of Long Island, the lobster roll has a chapter of its own.

To view it merely as a dish would be a grave understatement. When you bite into a lobster roll, you’re not just tasting the succulent meat and the delicate balance of seasonings. You’re immersing yourself in a story of the fishermen who venture into the Atlantic, the bakers perfecting their buns, and generations passing down their secret recipes.

The lobster roll encapsulates the essence of Long Island – the harmonious blend of land and sea, tradition and innovation. The ambiance of where you consume it – be it overlooking a serene bay or amidst the hustle and bustle of a local market – weaves another layer to this narrative, making it a holistic experience.

As with any epic tale, the story of the lobster roll beckons others to join. To those reading this, consider it an invitation – an invitation to embark on your very own lobster roll journey.

Whether you traverse the length and breadth of Long Island, seek out hidden seafood shacks and renowned restaurants, or decide to bring the magic into your own kitchen, experimenting with recipes and personal touches, the journey promises joy, discovery, and, of course, unparalleled flavors.

So, as the sun sets, casting its golden hue over Long Island’s shores, let the toasted buns and fresh lobster aroma guide you. Dive into this journey, savor each moment, and let the lobster roll be your compass in this delicious adventure.


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