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Restaurants With Private Rooms in Long Island

In the heart of New York, Long Island unfolds as a treasure trove of culinary delights. Its bustling urban scenes and tranquil, picturesque locales make it a sought-after destination for food lovers. Among its offerings, a notable charm is the array of restaurants boasting exclusive private rooms. These spaces are your gateway to a unique dining experience, blending intimacy with top-notch culinary offerings, perfect for those special occasions or pivotal business meetings.

Imagine hosting your next big celebration or meeting in a cozy, elegant private room, away from the usual hustle and bustle, where personalized service is the norm. Long Island’s restaurants with private rooms offer just that. They provide a space where exclusivity meets culinary excellence. The private dining rooms are more than just a quiet place to eat; they are about celebrating life’s milestones or forging business relations in a refined and welcoming setting.

Now, picture this: You and your loved ones gathered in a private dining room, the table impeccably set, the ambiance warm and inviting, and a menu curated to cater to your discerning taste. Or visualize an important business dinner, where the privacy of the dining room provides the perfect backdrop for engaging discussions and decision-making, all while enjoying a delectable meal.

As you step into Long Island’s esteemed restaurants offering private rooms, you’re stepping into a realm of personalized dining experience. Each venue reflects sophistication, warm hospitality, and culinary artistry. The professional staff, attentive service, and the chef’s exceptional menu create an atmosphere ripe for celebration, discussions, or enjoying good food in good company.

Long Island’s restaurants with private rooms are not just about the food, though the food is undoubtedly sublime. They are about creating an experience. It’s about making your event, no matter how big or small, as memorable as possible. It’s about providing a setting where the decor, the lighting, the service, and the food all come together to create a narrative that’s as engaging as the conversations happening around the table.

The curated list of eateries that follows introduces you to the crème de la crème of Long Island’s private dining venues. Each restaurant has been selected for its unique ambiance, exceptional menu offerings, and the exclusivity of the private dining experience. Discover these hidden gems of Long Island where every meal is a celebration, every event is memorable, and every moment is worth cherishing​.

Here’s a list of restaurants offering private rooms in Long Island that provide an intimate dining experience.

Studio 180 at Simplay

Address: Hauppauge, NY

Studio 180 at Simplay Catering Hall

Indulge in elegance at Studio 180 at Simplay, nestled in Hauppauge. With a spacious room to host your events, it’s an ideal choice for personal and corporate celebrations.


Address: Great River, NY

Steeped in history, Lessing offers a quaint, charming backdrop for private dining events. The serene surroundings of Great River complement the warm and inviting private rooms at Lessing’s, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

East Wind Caterers Inn & Spa

Address: Wading River, NY

Located in Wading River, East Wind Caterers Inn & Spa provides a luxurious setting for your private dining needs. With meticulously curated menus and opulent private rooms, your events will surely be discussed for years.

Blackstone Steakhouse

Address: Melville, NY

Situated in Melville, Blackstone Steakhouse offers a sophisticated ambiance for steak lovers. The private rooms provide a refined setting for savoring sumptuous steaks and engaging in meaningful conversations.

City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill

Address: Westbury, NY

Located in Westbury, City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill is the go-to place for wine lovers. With a wine list as extensive as its menu, the private rooms offer a cozy setting for intimate gatherings and hearty conversations.

How Would You Choose a Restaurant For a Private Occasion?

Choosing a restaurant for a private event involves several considerations to ensure the venue meets your expectations and contributes to the success of your event. Here are some crucial factors to consider:

Capacity and Layout

  • Ensure the restaurant can comfortably accommodate your guest list.
  • Check if the layout suits the event’s agenda, whether it’s a seated dinner, a cocktail reception, or a mix of both.

Menu Options

  • Look for restaurants with various menu options for different dietary preferences and restrictions.
  • If possible, arrange a tasting session to ensure the food quality meets your expectations.

Cost and Budget

  • Understand the cost structure, including minimum spend requirements, corkage fees, and other potential charges.
  • Ensure the overall cost fits within your budget.


  • Choose a location that is convenient for your guests to reach.
  • Consider proximity to public transportation or availability of parking spaces.


  • The ambiance should align with the theme and tone of your event.
  • Consider the décor, lighting, and noise levels.


  • If privacy is a concern, inquire about the availability of private dining rooms or areas.
  • Check if the restaurant has any soundproofing measures in place for private events.

Service Quality

  • Look for restaurants known for excellent service.
  • Ensure the staff-to-guest ratio is adequate to ensure timely service.

Technology and A/V Equipment

  • If your event requires audio/visual equipment, check if the restaurant provides these facilities or if you need to bring equipment.

Cancellation Policy

  • Understand the restaurant’s cancellation policy to avoid any unexpected charges.


  • Ensure the venue is accessible to guests with disabilities.

Reviews and Recommendations

  • Look for reviews or recommendations from friends or colleagues who have hosted similar events.


  • Make sure the restaurant is available on your preferred date and time.

Taking the time to thoroughly research and consider these factors while choosing a restaurant for your private event will help ensure a successful and enjoyable occasion.

As you explore these dining havens, you’ll find each restaurant with a private room telling its unique story through its ambiance, menu, and service. The care and precision invested in crafting a secluded yet inviting environment in these spaces highlight Long Island’s commitment to offering a memorable dining experience.

The journey through Long Island’s private dining scene is more than just about finding a quiet place to dine. It’s about discovering spaces that celebrate the essence of your gatherings. These spaces are not just venues but partners in hosting your memorable events.

So, as you plan your next significant gathering, remember that an array of splendid private dining rooms in Long Island are waiting to host your cherished moments. Whether toasting to new beginnings, celebrating milestones, or forging meaningful connections, do it in the refined ambiance of Long Island’s exclusive private rooms. Your memorable dining experience is just a reservation away​​.


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