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Restaurants on The South Shore of Long Island

The South Shore of Long Island’s serene beaches and picturesque sunsets hold a secret treasure. This rich, diverse culinary scene promises to tantalize the palate of every visitor. It’s a place where the warm, salty breeze carries with it the enticing aroma of freshly cooked seafood, the laughter from the bustling waterfront eateries, and the promise of a culinary adventure that stays with you long after you’ve left.

As you drive down the beautiful coastline, each town along the South Shore welcomes you with a unique blend of eateries, each offering a taste of the surrounding waters’ local culture, tradition, and fresh bounty.

Long Island’s South Shore is a melting pot of culinary traditions. The proximity to the Atlantic Ocean means that seafood is a staple in many restaurants, serving the day’s fresh catch in various innovative preparations. From the casual clam shacks to the upscale seafood restaurants, the South Shore is a haven for those who enjoy the flavors of the ocean.

The Long Island’s culinary journey doesn’t stop at seafood. The area is home to many eateries offering international cuisines, from Italian to Asian, each bringing its unique flair to the South Shore dining scene.

Long Island’s Signature Restaurants

Certain establishments stand out among the myriad of dining options for their exceptional food, ambiance, and the memorable experiences they offer.

Jordan’s Lobster Farms in Island Park is synonymous with fresh, succulent seafood enjoyed in a charming waterfront setting. Whether you are indulging in a lobster roll or enjoying a seafood platter on the outdoor patio, the experience is enhanced by the panoramic views of the water.

Jordan's Lobster Farms

Just a short drive away, The Buoy Bar in Point Lookout invites diners to a casual, laid-back dining experience on Reynold’s Channel. With its outdoor dock, patrons can enjoy a leisurely lunch or a sunset dinner, the sky painting a beautiful backdrop as you dine.

  • Jordan’s Lobster Farms, Island Park:
    • Address: 1 Pettit Place, Island Park, NY
    • Special Menu: Seafood platters, Lobster rolls
    • Open Hours: 11am – 7pm, daily
    • Contact: (516) 889-3314
  • The Buoy Bar, Point Lookout:
    • Address: 72 Bayside Drive, Point Lookout, NY
    • Special Menu: Seafood dishes, Signature cocktails
    • Open Hours: 12pm – 10pm, daily
    • Contact: (516) 432-3975

Long Island’s Waterfront Dining

There’s something magical about dining beside the water. The gentle lapping of the waves, the endless horizon, and the soft glow of the sunset create a tranquil ambiance that complements the culinary delights on your plate.

Atlantica at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach is a gem where the oceanfront view is as gourmet as the cuisine. Seeing large ships at anchor and the surf breaking on the beach adds a whimsical charm to your dining experience.

Atlantica at the Allegria Hotel
  • Atlantica at the Allegria Hotel, Long Beach:
    • Address: 80 W Broadway, Long Beach, NY 11561
    • Special Menu: Gourmet cuisine, Seafood specialties
    • Open Hours: Brunch (Sat & Sun: 11am – 3pm), Dinner (daily: 5pm – 10pm)
    • Contact: (516) 992-3730

Long Island’s Seasonal Delights

The South Shore’s culinary scene is a reflection of the changing seasons. The menu at many restaurants evolves to showcase the fresh produce and seafood of the season.

At Salt on the Water in Merrick, summer means refreshing cocktails enjoyed on the waterfront patio. At the same time, winter invites a more cozy, hearty menu to warm you up.

Salt on the Water in Merrick

Rachel’s Waterside Grill in Freeport is another eatery where the changing seasons bring a new array of dishes to explore. Their unique offering, “You Hook It, We’ll Cook It,” invites patrons to bring in their catch of the day to be cooked by professional chefs, a testament to the fresh, local ingredients that the South Shore celebrates.

  • Salt on the Water, Merrick:
    • Address: 3100 Whaleneck Drive, Merrick, NY
    • Special Menu: Seasonal cocktails, New American cuisine
    • Open Hours: 12pm – 10pm, daily
    • Contact: (516) 442-7470
  • Rachel’s Waterside Grill, Freeport:
    • Address: 281 Woodcleft Avenue, Freeport, NY
    • Special Menu: New American seafood dishes
    • Open Hours: 11am – 10pm, daily
    • Contact: (516) 546-0050

Local Testimonials

Every culinary journey is complete with hearing from the locals and frequent visitors who have their own favorite spots and dishes.

The South Shore of Long Island dining scene is cherished by many who proudly share their experiences, recommendations, and the joy of discovering a new eatery that quickly becomes a regular haunt.

As you dine along the coastline, the distant views of Connecticut add a poetic touch to the scenic beauty of the South Shore. The calm waters stretch out before you, leading to the silhouette of the neighboring state, a gentle reminder of the close-knit communities that share the love for the waters and the bounty they provide.

The digital era has made it easier for prospective visitors to visualize the South Shore’s culinary scene before even setting foot there. Social media and online reviews are brimming with photos of mouth-watering dishes, happy diners, and the stunning waterfront views that await. Tips on the best time to visit, the specialties of each restaurant, and the unique offerings make planning your culinary journey a breeze.

The South Shore of Long Island is not just a destination; it’s an experience that combines the simple joys of good food, stunning views, and the warm, welcoming nature of the communities that call it home.

Each South Shore of Long Island restaurant, from the casual eateries to the gourmet bistros, invites you to take a seat, enjoy the view, and embark on a culinary adventure that is as diverse and beautiful as the shoreline. So, as the sun sets, casting a golden glow on the waters, take a moment to relish the flavors of the South Shore. This taste lingers as a beautiful memory of a place where the sea meets the land and culinary dreams come to life.


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